In the 2012 Olympic Games, the average age on the Women’s Gymnastics US Team was 17.  There are some ladies who can keep up with the rigorous sport longer than the age of a collegiate gymnasts.  For those who opt to have a more rounded lifestyle, but still love the thrill of flying or just being around the sport there are many other options.  This portion of our website is dedicated to finding/pursuing the next goal as a gymnast…

Below is a list of careers/activities that are great for former gymnasts:

  • Circus 
  • Diving
  • Dance
  • Track & Field (Pole Vault, Sprinting, etc.)
  • Of Course…Gymnastics Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Sports Analyst
  • Personal Trainer
  • Physical Therapist
  • Athletic Trainer

Cirque du Soleil (From Cirque du Soleil’s Website)

High Level Male and Female Artistic Gymnasts: Submit your application

The Casting Team at Cirque du Soleil is seeking high level Artistic Gymnasts for immediate needs and future opportunities on stage.

To learn more about the athletes at Cirque du Soleil, click here to view our video.


  • age 18 or older;
  • male and female;
  • high level training and competitive experience, at a national/international level in artistic gymnastics;
  • excellent level of overall fitness including strength and flexibility;
  • high degree of consistency in skill execution;
  • ability to adapt to new apparatus, environments and group training styles;
  • willingness to think and work creatively and outside of one’s comfort zone;
  • expressive, artistic and able to play in front of a large audience.

Submissions instructions:
If you meet the requirements above, please submit your application, including:

  1. your resumé;
  2. one head & shoulders photo;
  3. one demo video featuring the following elements:
  • a presentation to the camera (including a face and full-body shot): tell us about yourself your background and your training and competitive experience – 1 minute;
  • recent competition footage (mention date) – 2-3 minutes;
    • male gymnasts: high bar, rings, parallel bars;
    • female gymnasts: uneven bars (full routine plus additional skills and dismounts);
  • your most difficult tumbling passes on a competition floor, fast track, air mat and/or rod floor – 2 minutes;
  • your highest difficulty trampoline tricks (in the bed or mat) - 1 minute;
  • a dance improvisation: show us how you move, let yourself go. Any style of dance, use the space and use your imagination! – 45 seconds;
  • a demonstration of your skills in other disciplines, if applicable (e.g. parkour, tricking, tramp wall, dance, slackline) – 2 minutes;
  • flexibility (the three splits, bridge, shoulders, pike position) – 1 minute;
  • strength (legless rope climb, pull-ups, piked leg lifts) – 2 minutes.

Submission deadline: as soon as possible.

Important information:

  • Only complete applications (including resumé and demo video) will be evaluated by a casting Talent Scout. Please note that we will only be contacting selected candidates.

General terms and conditions of applying online:

  1. The profile information of candidates will be used by Cirque du Soleil and its partners;
  2. The material submitted by candidates will not be returned;
  3. The material of candidates who are not selected may be destroyed by Casting and will not be returned;
  4. By applying online, candidates who submit their material via links to demo videos agree that Casting will extract material from these links if necessary to add it to the candidate’s profile;
  5. Applications may be considered for one or more roles in all our current shows and upcoming creations. 

Questions? Please click here to visit our “Help” page.
We can’t wait to discover your talent! Thank you for your interest in Cirque du Soleil.