Are you having a hard time with a skill?  

Do you feel defeated or like you will never perfect a trick?

I tell my gymnasts to take a break if they don’t go for the trick in 3 seconds.  In other words…if you are standing on the beam ready to throw your back tuck and you just can’t seem to make yourself go, JUMP DOWN!  Your coach would not have you try a skill that you aren’t ready for… You have prepared for this moment from the moment you took your first gymnastics class.  Relax and trust the process.  There is no need to stand on the beam if you aren’t mentally ready (but don’t be disrespectful).  Ask your coach for a break.  Let your coach know what you need to feel more comfortable…but most of all trust yourself.  You have probably done 100 back tucks on the low beam or with the beam padded or with mats stacked.  You got it!  Jump down, take 3 breaths and get back up ready to go!  

-Coach Derrin